Get Offworld with Baths’ Newest Single “Extrasolar”

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Get Offworld with Baths’ Newest Single “Extrasolar”

In advance of his forthcoming album Romaplasm, Will Wiesenfeld has released the newest single under his indie-pop moniker Baths.

Titled “Extrasolar,” the song is described in a press release as “a sci-fi inspired ballad that distills the everyday struggles of young Americans.” Baths, which now includes producer Morgan Greenwood, released the single “Out” (along with a strange, funny music video) prior to “Extrasolar.”

From the press release:

As always, Baths is unafraid to run counter to his surroundings: delicate when others are posturing, gripping and visceral where others drift into the digital morass. But this album is not about contrarianism, or about rejecting the status quo. It’s about centering the things that are important to you, and doing so in the most honest way possible, even if that means fucking things up a bit along the way.

While Baths’ first album Cerulean had a bright, dreamy emotional tone and the second album Obsidian was much darker, Wiesenfeld has said that Romaplasm will be more of a mixture. He wants to capture more of an emotional range with the project. “Extrasolar” seems to fit with that idea, as it combines a bouncing, cheerful beat with lines like, “Our goodwill is gonna kill us.”

You can watch the lyric video for “Extrasolar” and listen to Baths’ 2013 Daytrotter Session below. Romaplasm comes out Nov. 17 from Anticon. You can read more about it, listen to lead single “Yeoman,” and see the album art and tracklist here.

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