Beach Fossils Share “This Year,” Lead Single from New Album Somersault

Music Video Beach Fossils
Beach Fossils Share “This Year,” Lead Single from New Album Somersault

A central line from Beach Fossils’ charmingly elegiac new single “This Year” is Dustin Payseur exhaling, “No … I won’t be there … in time.” Just seven words repeated over a somber violin part and chiming guitars, nothing more.

But, as with a lot of Beach Fossils’ work, it’s a striking case of less being more. The video for the lead single from their forthcoming third LP Somersault is simply a banner advertising the record being dragged across the screen. It’s low-key and low-stakes and low-budget for certain, but it’s also an endearing move in a bit of a mundane environment. Whatever glumness might be hanging around can be tempered by a bit of goofiness.

Somersault drops June 2 via Bayonet Records and is available for preorder here or here. You can check out the video for “This Year” above and Paste Cloud audio from a 2010 Daytrotter session from the group below, plus the new album’s tracklist and cover art.

Somersault Tracklist:
01. This Year
02. Tangerine (feat. Rachel Goswell)
03. Saint Ivy
04. May 1st
05. Rise (feat. Cities Aviv)
06. Sugar
07. Closer Everywhere
08. Social Jetlag
09. Down The Line
10. Be Nothing
11. That’s All For Now

Somersault Album Art:

unnamed (3).jpg

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