Being Dead Release “Last Living Buffalo”

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Being Dead Release “Last Living Buffalo”

Austin-based trio Being Dead’s music is anything but moribund, and “Last Living Buffalo” is no exception. The track is the third single from their debut album When Horses Would Run, out July 14 on Bayonet. Being Dead’s LP is a world in and of itself, full of cowboys, showdowns and tumbleweed-infested ranges.

“Last Living Buffalo” starts out all clash and panache, a sonic wild west of jarring excitement. It lulls (and I use the word as lightly as possible) into indie-rock normality, before exploding in and out of fireworks of drums and vocals in its last thirty seconds. Founding member Gumball describes it as a meditation on “the universal human fear of being alone and/or skinned alive.”

Check out the “Last Living Buffalo” visualizer below.

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