Big Thief Release New Standalone Single “Love in Mine”

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Big Thief Release New Standalone Single “Love in Mine”

Big Thief have shared a new one-off single from the recording sessions of their second 2019 album, Two Hands. Both of Big Thief’s 2019 albums, Two Hands and U.F.O.F., landed on our best albums of the year list. You can listen to the new song, “Love in Mine,” below.

“Love in Mine” originally debuted as a 7” single mailed to fans before Two Hands’s announcement. Like most of the songs on Two Hands, “Love in Mine” is quiet and contemplative. If it weren’t for Big Thief’s calling card—frontwoman Adrianne Lenker’s distinctively delicate yet endowed voice—it might sound like a classic folk song. Lyrically, it’s as vivid as anything Big Thief have written before, as Lenker sings, “What we leave behind / Like cicada shells / Will be hollowed / And eaten by the hills.” Once again in their always-ethereal music, nature is coexisting with the breadth of human emotion.

Again, you can listen to “Love in Mine” below, or listen on your DSP of choice right here. Keep scrolling to see the “Love in Mine” track artwork.

“Love in Mine” Track Artwork:


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