Bikini Kill’s Entire Discography Is Now Streaming for the First Time

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Bikini Kill’s Entire Discography Is Now Streaming for the First Time

Riot grrrl icons Bikini Kill have made their entire discography available to stream for the very first time. You can listen to their seminal ‘90s run, including classics like Pussy Whipped and Reject All American, as well as more recent remasters, including an expanded edition of their underground breakthrough Revolution Girl Style Now. Check out their announcement tweet below.

The band was founded in 1990 in Olympia, Wash., during the Pacific Northwest’s indie-rock explosion. They were one of the first bands to challenge the status quo that defined punk as angry and masculine—they were angry, to be sure, but their focus was rigidly feminist. They addressed the concerns of third-wave feminism that were just beginning to gain traction at the time, and their music helped spread the movement’s acceptance. Their influence can be felt today, from indie-rock mainstays like Sleater-Kinney to more recent acts like Priests.

That’s not to say Bikini Kill were lavished with praise in their time. They faced enormous backlash from people in the punk scene and from the press, which eventually led to the band declaring a “media blackout.” “Guys would try to beat us up,” founding member Kathleen Hanna said in an interview with Tidal accompanying their discography’s streaming release. “I couldn’t play hardcore punk music at $5 shows … When it’s $5, a bunch of dudes can afford to come and throw beer bottles at your head.”

Last year, the band reunited for a performance at Jenn Pelly’s book release for 33 1/3 in New York.

Sream Bikini Kill’s discography via Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music, and read Tidal’s full interview with Hanna here.

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