Billy Corgan Wants to Understand America by Sleeping on Your Futon

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Whoever slipped Billy Corgan a copy of Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley must be feeling a tinge of regret. The Smashing Pumpkins singer wrote on his website People and Their Cars that he and his friend Justin will be traveling around the US in order to document the country.

Corgan is calling upon those with good hearts to offer suggestions, “of where to go and what we must see.” The trip has already begun, with Corgan and Justin heading southward along the river Illinois to the Mississippi, and then west. The duo will be post a loose schedule each morning, but are open to detours suggested by fans.

”[W]e’ll be much more taken with documenting the stories of an elderly class that can share impressions of the country as it once was; good, bad, or indifferent,” Corgan wrote. “And in order to do so with integrity, I’ll need to be invited into old-fashioned parlors and the like to retain some sense memory of what’s come and gone.”

Corgan says he’ll bring along a guitar for an impromptu tour, but reassures ticket buyers that this will not affect the “In Plainsong” Smashing Pumpkins acoustic tour, which begins in March.

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