Watch Billy Pilgrim Reunite in the Paste Studio

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Watch Billy Pilgrim Reunite in the Paste Studio

I don’t know how many times I went to Eddie’s Attic in the early ‘90s to see folk-rock duo Andrew Hyra & Kristian Bush, later performing as Billy Pilgrim when they signed with Atlantic in 1994. But there are few acts I’ve seen more in my concert-filled life. Listening to their harmonies on LPs like St. Christopher’s Crossing, Billy Pilgrim and Bloom brings back my early 20s like few other albums. Bush would later go on to found multi-platinum, Grammy-, AMA-, CMA- and CMT-winning country group Sugarland. Hyra founded the group Smokin’ Novas, and both singer/songwriters have since released a number of solo albums.

But the duo is reunited Thursday at the Paste Studio in celebration of the release of In the Time Machine, an album they thought was lost to history until Bush found a lone remaining copy this summer. The recording features Brandon Bush (Sugarland, Train) on keyboards; David LaBruyere (John Mayer) on bass; Joey Craig on guitar; and Sigadore “Siggy” Birkis (John Mayer), Marcus Petruska (Corey Davis) and Travis McNabb (Better Than Ezra) on drums.

Bush’s new band Dark Water also performed at the Paste Studio before the special reunion performance by Billy Pilgrim—our first performances in the studio since March. Watch both performances below:

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