Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Keith Richards and Tenacious D’s Twitter Accounts Were Hacked

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This weekend, hackers took over the Twitter accounts of Bon Iver, Tame Impala, Keith Richards and Tenacious D.

Bon Iver’s Twitter handle was changed to @ihavelegcancer and an irreverent tweet was posted about the late Muhammad Ali. Hackers tweeted a bomb threat aimed at airline JetBlue from Tame Impala’s account. Threats were posted to Keith Richards’ account as well, also aimed at JetBlue. Finally, a hacker falsely tweeted from Tenacious D’s account that band frontman and actor Jack Black had died.

The incidents did not last long and all wrongful tweets have been removed from the musicians’ accounts. Apologies have been posted from the administrators of the accounts, except Tame Impala, who has not responded to any questions about the hack. Meanwhile, Tenacious D had the job of assuring all followers and the general public that Jack Black is “ALIVE and WELL.”

The hacks are suspected to be connected, as the content posted to the breached accounts were similar in nature. Last week, Katy Perry’s Twitter was also hacked, with the perpetrator posting racial slurs and direct insults to her fans. Twitter has not commented on these hacks, despite the occurrences causing many to question the security of the social media site.

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