Car Seat Headrest Covers Radiohead’s ‘Pyramid Song’

Music News Car Seat Headrest

With a slight crack in his voice, Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo impresses his baritone on a cover of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song.” The song was uploaded to Tumblr today, with Toledo calling it a “sloppy flamenco with missing string and AIM accompaniment.”

Pitchfork shared the creaky cover, prompting Toledo to irreverently write, “lol why did pitchfork share my radiohead cover.” Toledo also tweeted, “it must be a very slow news week.”

The track itself, an Amnesiac standout, is an ornate production filled with swelling strings and soaring croons from Thom Yorke, but Toledo’s cover feels tossed off, done in Garageband in two takes just for fun—perhaps that’s why he appears slightly irked at the media for writing about it (sorry, man).

Listen to Toledo’s take on “Pyramid Song” here.

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