Chance the Rapper Apologizes to Dr. Dre for Dissing His Label

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Chance the Rapper has been known to be extremely outspoken about being an independent artist and his stance on record labels.

On his song “No Problem,” for instance, he raps about labels trying to stop him and during his recent Be Encouraged tour, a screen showing parodies of several music label logos served as his backdrop when he performed the single.

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Sony was changed to “Phony,” Virgin Records to “Villain Records” and Dr. Dre’s Aftermath to “Can’t Do Math,” among others.

Today, Chance took to Twitter to apologize to Dr. Dre and Aftermath Records for “publicly disrespecting their hard work and contributions to music.” He mentions that the LED content was a mistake overall but seems specifically regretful about the one that singled out an artist-owned venture.

“Dre is a premier example of creating space for wealth and ownership in an industry designed for creatives to be the foot soldiers,” Chance remarked in his apology, noting this is how he inspires to be.

Read his tweets below.

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