Watch Charly Bliss Light Up the Paste Studio With Young Enough Stand-Outs

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Watch Charly Bliss Light Up the Paste Studio With Young Enough Stand-Outs

Charly Bliss are one of the best live bands around. The NYC act shines on stage thanks in no small part to frontwoman Eva Hendricks, who pours her whole soul into every performance big or small. She’s emotionally generous and intensely present. She also usually wears a groovy costume and occasionally mixes it up with choreography.

On Tuesday, Hendricks and the band (made up of Eva’s brother and keyboardist Sam, guitarist Spencer Fox and bassist Dan Shure) lit up the Paste Studio with that incredible live spirit and three songs from their 2019 sophomore album Young Enough. Singles from the record included “Capacity” and “Chatroom,” but for this session (the second for Paste in the band’s history), the foursome opted for some deeper cuts: “Camera,” “Hurt Me” and “The Truth.”

“Camera” is a song Hendricks wrote while on hold with her bank after her credit card was stolen and used to “buy a camera in California,” Hendricks discloses after performing the song. And whether the thief would’ve used the camera to create a “masterpiece” or make “something sick and twisted,” we’ll never know, as Hendricks sings in this slightly paired-down version of the track.

Also during the session, Hendricks mentions some of the band’s influences while making Young Enough, which range from Lorde and Taylor Swift to Superorganism. Young Enough is the group’s second LP, following 2017’s glistening pop-punk feat Guppy.

Watch Monday’s Paste Studio performance below, followed by Charly Bliss’ 2017 session, further down. Revisit our review of Young Enough right here.

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