Cigarettes After Sex Release New Single “You’re All I Want”

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Cigarettes After Sex Release New Single “You’re All I Want”

American ambient dream-pop band Cigarettes After Sex have released a single titled “You’re All I Want.” Last Wednesday, the band posted a video to their Instagram account, with the lyrics “there is no other love, it’s only yours” flickering over a black backdrop. On May 25, the band followed up with an official drop announcement, featuring the single’s artwork and title. The song, which dropped earlier today, is the first music the band has released after their sophomore album, Cry, which was released in October of 2019.

“Recorded in the summer of 2017 during the sessions for our second album, Cry, the initial takes of the song were finished in the courtyard of the house we were staying at in Mallorca, late in the evening, right as a thunderstorm was rushing in over us,” says frontman Greg Gonzales. “Almost 3 years later, having just moved to LA, I finally wrote the lyrics & they ended up telling a story I saw as a fantasy or dream involving my girlfriend & I. Sort of reversing our roles & retelling the way we met, while imagining what a sweet future might look like together…”

The single is hypnotically dreamy, submerged guitar and whispered vocals echoing over a blend of keyboard and drums. “There is no other love/it’s only yours/you’re all I want/all the love,” Gonzales croons in the chorus. The seamless fusion of vocals and instrumentals makes the mellow track both perfect for ambient mood-setting or intentional listening (tip: Close your eyes while listening to the song for the ultimate Cigarettes After Sex experience).

There’s currently no definitive answer as to whether “You’re All I Want” is part of an upcoming project or a standalone track. Listen to the new single below. Further down, watch Cigarettes After Sex’s 2017 Paste studio session.

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