Daily Dose: Clebs, “Homemade Bread”

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Daily Dose: Clebs, “Homemade Bread”

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The duo known as Clebs exists in two worlds. In one, they are responsible for pulsating club tracks that could’ve been outtakes from an early DFA compilation. But in their other universe, their music goes much further out of bounds. Like the track we are presenting here, “Homemade Bread,” which has a very Laurie Anderson-like friction and energy to it.

The collective history of Clebs should give some indication of how they got to this multi-varied point. Vocalist Emilie Weibel has studied with modern jazz singers and performed with everyone from Shelley Hirsch to experimental artist Ari Finkel. Percussionist/producer Jason Nazary is a member of Bear In Heaven as well as a performer on his own and with artists like Helado Negro. They contain multitudes.

That will all become fully apparent once their debut EP I’m Here is released on May 25th through Brooklyn label JASS. Get a sense of it right now with this video for “Homemade Bread,” a glitchy wonder directed by Benton C. Bainbridge. Or catch them live tonight at The Owl Parlor in Brooklyn. The choice is yours.

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