Coachella’s Website Was Hacked

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Coachella’s Website Was Hacked was recently hacked and in the process, hackers gained access to full names, email addresses, phone numbers and birth dates of Coachella festival-goers.

AEG Live, the festival’s organizer, confirmed in a statement to Pitchfork that data was in fact stolen, but no passwords or financial info was extracted. However, the concert juggernaut still insists that account holders on should “Be aware that you may be targeted by phishing emails sent from people impersonating Coachella personnel.” Accounts on the website are distinct from the ticket-buying process and are mostly used to customize lineups, chat on message boards and activate wristbands.

While AEG Live commented on this hack, the organization failed to comment on a Motherboard post about customer information being sold on the Dark Web. So while AEG has responded to the matter, their response may well have been delayed.

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