Confidence Man Share New Single “First Class Bitch”

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Confidence Man Share New Single “First Class Bitch”

Australian electro-pop duo Confidence Man are back with a new single “First Class Bitch,” which comes with a lavish accompanying music video. “First Class Bitch” follows their previous original single, 2019’s “Does It Make You Feel Good?” The duo released their critically acclaimed debut album Confident Music for Confident People back in 2018.

“First Class Bitch” goes out to everyone who exudes the energy of a mogul, diva or fat cat. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have three summer homes or can’t afford bottle service, anyone can be a “first class bitch.” If you’re really feeling yourself and have no choice but to flaunt it, Confidence Man have a theme song for you. On this baller dance-pop tune, singer/songwriter Janet Planet sings of boat rides with Leonardo DiCaprio and jacuzzi tea parties with the Queen, and the video finds Confidence Man decked out in luxury wear and busting a move—even the poodle has some serious jewelry and the priests are dancing like no one’s watching.

“I’d been thinking about this for a while now,” Planet says of the new song. “It all started in London, when I saw a pair of socks with the words ‘first class bitch’ embroidered on them, hanging in a shop front window. I suddenly realised, I too was a first class bitch. I rushed back to the penthouse and penned this hit. Ever wondered what you hear when you die? This is it.”

Watch the video for “First Class Bitch” below.

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