Converse Unveils “Chuck Taylor All Wah” Sneaker with Built-In Guitar Pedal

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Iconic footwear company Converse have just announced their new “Chuck Taylor All Wah” sneaker, featuring a functioning wah pedal built into the shoe. According to a press release, the shoe uses micro-sensor technology to read the flex of the sole, which connects wirelessly to a wah box via Bluetooth. The All Wah can also be connected to an amp, Mac or iPhone.

After an initial prototype was developed by Critical Mass in 2013, Cute Circuit produced the market version of the product, which is made to run just as any other wah pedal. Simply move your foot as you would with a wah pedal and play on. Cute Circuit’s press release called the All Wah “the next step to limitless imagination.”

Converse has delved into musical endeavors in the past, with their brand often acting as the first choice of footwear from musicians. Converse’s Rubber Tracks also supports musicians by supplying independent artists with free studio time they could not afford otherwise, along with free concerts and other events around the country.

No word yet on when the Chuck Taylor All Wah will be available for sale. Check out the shoes’ reveal video below, with none other than J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. testing them out.

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