dad sports Share New Single/Video, “gf haircut”

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dad sports Share New Single/Video, “gf haircut”

A lot can change in the lifespan of a haircut (particularly by pandemic standards), including your relationship status. That’s the unfortunate reality that dad sports manage to have a lot of fun with on their self-produced new single “gf haircut,” which arrived Tuesday along with a video. This is the Ottawa, Ontario bedroom-pop trio’s first new release since their recent signing to Grand Jury Music.

Lead singer and guitarist Miguel Plante explains in a statement:

[Bassist] Alex [Keyes] & I were hanging in our basement while rocking haircuts that our exes gave us when we came up with the idea for the song. It’s about how those haircuts outlasted the relationships lol. The original plan was to cut our actual hair in the vid but we all shaved our heads during the summer so we just got some funny wigs instead.

Plante’s nonchalance is writ large in the song itself, an irresistibly upbeat blend of emo, indie-pop and guitar rock that finds comfort in making some sort of peace with struggle. “Some things go wrong but it’s better not to think about it,” Plante sings over muted guitar strums and Keith McDonald’s drums before giving way to a propulsive guitar riff that, paired with smooth synth accents, kicks the whole track up a notch. And if there’s one thing we all need this year, it’s the energy to face change and stay positive, come what may.

Grand Jury will be “releasing a series of new dad sports singles over the coming months,” per a press release, so keep an ear out for more where this came from. In the meantime, watch the “gf haircut” video below.

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