Watch Death Valley Girls’ Dark Punk Set at the Paste Studio

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Watch Death Valley Girls’ Dark Punk Set at the Paste Studio

This past Thursday, L.A. rock outfit Death Valley Girls stopped by the Paste Studio to promote their third studio album, Darkness Rains, out now via Suicide Squeeze Records.

Fronted by lead vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Bloomgarden, the band’s sinister, fuzzy punk rock is more than just a homage to the underground rock greats—they’re vehement, sassy, fed up and on the search for meaning in a world gone mad. Death Valley Girls are for the downtrodden outcasts, the brokenhearted and those with a chip on their shoulder and their stomping, saucy Pretenders meets Stooges meets Black Sabbath rock is as enthralling as it is balls-to-the-wall fun.

The band performed three tracks from Darkness Rains—”Street Justice,” “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” and “Wear Black.” At one point, Bloomgarden gushes over Iggy Pop and his pet cockatoo, Biggy Pop. Speaking of the enigmatic rock and roll legend, he stars in Death Valley Girl’s recent video, “Disaster (Is What We’re After),” for an Andy Warhol parody where he simply sits and eats a hamburger in the most punk way possible.

Watch Death Valley Girls’ full session at the Paste Studio below.

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