Kate NV and Angel Deradoorian Blend Talents as New Duo Decisive Pink

They released debut single "Haffmilch Holiday" and a promise of more to come

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Kate NV and Angel Deradoorian Blend Talents as New Duo Decisive Pink

You know what they say — great minds come together to produce songs about cappuccinos. Such is the case with artists Kate NV and Angel Deradoorian, who have recently formed a new project called Decisive Pink, releasing their first single “Haffmilch Holiday.” Deradoorian keeps some roots in indie rock while venturing out into the ambient, using her music to create little universes that can sit in the palm of your hand, or stick to a five minute runtime. NV, meanwhile, composes electronic complexities that still leave room for the shock of the fun and unexpected.

Together, Decisive Pink has debuted a single that would perhaps be fitting for a long train voyage through space. In fact, “Haffmilch Holiday” is about ordering haffmilch cappuccinos while working on their debut album together in Köln, Germany. It perfectly blends NV’s experimental strangeness composed of little trinkets of sound with Deradoorian’s taste for atmosphere and otherworldliness. Deradoorian’s 2020 LP Find The Sun and NV’s forthcoming LP WOW (out in March) can perhaps prepare us to receive the LP that’s coming our way from the duo.

You can listen to “Haffmilch Holiday” below.

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