Watch the Video for New Dirty Projectors Song “Little Bubble”

Music Video Dirty Projectors
Watch the Video for New Dirty Projectors Song “Little Bubble”

After teasing a new song on Twitter earlier this week, Dirty Projectors have released the second single off their yet-to-be-announced new album. “Little Bubble” arrives as a welcome treat for fans whose appetites were whet by the release of “Keep Your Name” late last year, the group’s first new track since 2012. The new song features an update on Dirty Projectors’ signature mix of soulful indie-pop and neo-R&B that they perfected on their last album, Swing Lo Magellan set to an emotionally vibrant song from the band’s mastermind David Longstreth.

When he sings, “We had our own little bubble for a while,” it’s hard not to draw timely parallels to the discussions that arose after the presidential election (including in a memorable Saturday Night Live sketch), but it’s ultimately a sentiment wrought with multiple meanings, from the personal to the political. Musically, the production work that Longstreth recently contributed to Solange’s stellar A Seat at the Table, one of Paste’s favorite albums of the year, is easily recognizable in the swirling electric piano and the heart-wrenching string section, as well as in Longstreth’s own melody.

The video for “Little Bubble,” directed by Longstreth along with his longtime collaborator Adam Newport-Berra, shows an isolated Longstreth among some expansive and truly gorgeous landscapes, alternating with him singing the song’s chorus hunched over in a greenhouse. Clearly meant as to lift your spirits, a press release describes the video as exploring “the metaphor of Earth itself as a fragile bubble of life in a cold, dead universe.”

“Little Bubble” is available for streaming and purchase on all major platforms now. Watch the video above, and find Paste Cloud audio from Dirty Projectors’ 2007 Daytrotter session below.

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