Daily Dose: Dumb, “Mint”

From the Vancouver slack punks' new LP, Seeing Green.

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Daily Dose: Dumb, “Mint”

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Vancouver’s Dumb make whimsical slack rock that’s anything but. The band’s cool, campy outlook is both anxious and chill, enveloped in jittery rhythms and bright, fervent riffs. When Dumb settle down a bit, like on the driving “Mint,” they are no less biting. The sprightly single has dual meaning, playfully referencing both money and the Dumb’s new label, Mint Records.

“The song is about a person asking their wealthy friend for money because they like money and want to spend it on stuff they enjoy,” says guitarist and singer Franco Rossino. “This is part of the overall theme of the album which has to do with money, envy, growth, and frustration. It’s called ‘Mint’ because the speaker is envious of the listener for having made a mint, but also because the band Dumb has just signed to Mint Records.”

Hear “Mint,” from Dumb’s new LP Seeing Green, below. The album is out June 22 via (duh) Mint Records.

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