Watch Ellis Play Songs From Debut EP The Fuzz in the Paste Studio

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Watch Ellis Play Songs From Debut EP The Fuzz in the Paste Studio

In November of last year, Ontario’s Linnea Siggelkow digitally released her debut EP, The Fuzz, under the moniker Ellis. Since then, Ellis has evolved into a four-piece band, and The Fuzz caught the attention of Oxford, Mississippi label Fat Possum, who’ll release the EP in its physical form for the first time on March 22. Ellis also shared a new single last month, the spacey, melancholy “Something Blue.” “I think everyone has a moment that they wish they could time-travel back to and have a do-over. This song is about mine,” Siggelkow said of “Something Blue.” “Hindsight can be a real bitch.”

On Thursday, Ellis recorded their first ever online session in the Paste Studio, which you can watch below. They played “Something Blue,” sandwiched by cuts from the EP: “What a Mess!” and “N.Y.E,” the record’s softer closing tune. On the first song, Siggelkow repeats the line “What a mess I’ve made of this,” but this session and her EP are anything but. The Fuzz feels like perfect winter music, and not just because there’s a shoegaze-y slow-burner on there called “Frostbite.” It’s a restrained, hazy listen, an ideal soundtrack for winter’s last, blistery gasp—which, at least here in Atlanta, feels rather drawn out. The Fuzz is blue music, but it’s not necessarily sad—Siggelkow has a way with moody melodies that seem to lift the listener up rather than drag them down.

Ellis have already shared bills with like-minded musicians Soccer Mommy, Palehound and Free Cake for Every Creature. Next week, they’ll make their debut at South By Southwest with six showcases (and counting). To read about who else we’re excited to see in Austin, go here.

Again, you can check out Ellis’ Paste studio session below, and you can preorder The Fuzz on vinyl right here. Stay up to date with the band on their website.

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