Elon Musk Drops Confounding New EDM Single, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”

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Elon Musk Drops Confounding New EDM Single, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”

Elon Musk, CEO of multi-million-dollar companies Tesla and SpaceX, future father of Grimes’ baby and subject of a legendary call-out from Azaelia Banks that led to his investigation by the SEC, has released the EDM single “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” via his label Emo G Records (say the label name out loud if you want to catch the pun and roll your eyes).

While completely bewildering, the track isn’t completely outside of Musk’s comfort zone. In 2019, he released the rap track “RIP Harambe,” commemorating the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla who met an untimely death in 2016 after a child accidentally entered his enclosure, because apparently that grating meme just needed to be brought back.

Musk’s (or should we say E “D” M’s, as per his new Twitter display name), latest track, which he asserts was independently written and sung by him, features the sparse lyrics: “Don’t doubt your vibe / Because it’s true” overlaid on generic EDM beats.

It’s worth mentioning that Musk’s partner, Canadian electro-pop musician Grimes, made a successful career out of creating catchy, ethereal songs that were crafted in the music program Logic (her forthcoming album Miss Anthropocene is due out Feb. 21). Apparently, this was too pedestrian of an approach for Musk, who shared a picture of himself in a massive studio, where he’s fiddling with knobs and buttons, obviously displaying his musical prowess.

If you’re ready to have one of the most underwhelming songs by (arguably) the world’s most outrageously annoying rich person stuck in your head for the rest of the week, listen below. If you want a life of peace, maybe just go listen to Grime’s album Visions, and pretend it’s 2012 again and that the world might mercifully come to an end.

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