Flight of the Conchords: I Told You I Was Freaky

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Flight of the Conchords: I Told You I Was Freaky

Kiwi comedy duo falls flat

A musical comedy record where the tunes are more memorable than the actual jokes makes for an Eeyore of an album, as HBO’s Flight of the Conchords are the latest to prove. Following up 2008’s self-titled full-length, as well as their 2007 Grammy-winning Distant Future EP, the New Zealand humor-folk duo takes a cue from another successful musical-comedy act, The Lonely Island, exchanging much of its previously low-key hilarity for the latter’s throbbing Timberlake/Timbaland beats.

From a vaguely unfunny faux-rap tune (“Hurt Feelings”) to a practically unlistenable faux-R&B-banger (“I Told You I Was Freaky”), both of which have pretty excellent production but not much lyrical substance, the Conchords are at their best when they’re trafficking in actual narratives as opposed to storyless attempts at yuks. Ultimately, as much of Freaky wallows in the jokes, the record runs out of ideas astonishingly early. It’s telling that only three of the songs here are exclusive to the album. Flight of the Conchords’ humor is best experienced during the show, and unless you’re a completist or fanatic, there’s no reason to seek out this record.

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