Fontaines D.C. at Warsaw [Photos]

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Fontaines D.C. at Warsaw [Photos]

Last week, Dublin’s finest quintet, Fontaines D.C., took the stage at Warsaw to deliver 17 songs from across their catalog—including new single “Starburster,” which they concluded their pre-encore set with. The band’s new album, Romance, is set to arrive on August 23rd via XL Recordings.

Last year, Paste music editor Matt Mitchell caught up with Fontaines D.C. while they were on tour with the Arctic Monkeys, and the band reflected on the ending of their Skinty Fia era, pointing towards new signs of life to come. “I can speak a little bit to the hype around Fontaines D.C. here in the West, and it has been slowly marinating in America—and much of that has to do with Skinty Fia arriving at just the right time,” Mitchell wrote. “There’s a deep-rooted love for post-punk in this country, so it makes sense that bands like Squid and shame have had their records embraced with warmth from good communities of folks over here.”

“Stemming from the ethos and cosmic otherworldliness of college radio history and the embrace of off the wall tangents of rock ‘n’ roll, like shoegaze and new age, post-punk’s continue affection in the United States is palpable and perfect—and it’s why newer bands like Slow Pulp and Truth Club are catching fire,” they continued. “Fontaines D.C. and their poetic waxings on the bitter dichotomies of debasement, romanticism, violence, masculinity and industrialism are a perfect encapsulation of the universal disappointments and reckonings that plague a world’s worth of people. Of course a record like Skinty Fia was going to hit across the pond—how could it not?”

You can see pictures from Fontaines D.C.’s set at Warsaw on May 8th, taken by Emilio Herce, below.

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