Frank Ocean Releases Visual Album, Endless

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After the much-delayed wait for Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry, the follow-up to 2012’s channel ORANGE, it seems the artist wasn’t going to release it without just a little more teasing and mystery.

Starting late Thursday night and running for about 45 minutes to just about midnight EST, Ocean started streaming a visual album titled Endless on his site, The stream consisted of new music as well as footage of Ocean himself building a staircase in the middle of a large warehouse. At the end, Ocean walked to the top of the staircase, paused for a moment, walked back down the steps, walked out of the room and the stream went black.

Endless is now available to buy exclusively through Apple Music.

But, of course, that’s not the end of the Frank Ocean shenanigans.

According to Rolling Stone, Endless is a totally separate project from Boys Don’t Cry, which means we’ve got more Frank Ocean to wait for still. RS reports that Boys Don’t Cry has been renamed, though the new title is unknown at this point. They also say that the album formerly known as Boys Don’t Cry will be released this weekend, once again as an exclusive for Apple Music. It seems almost gluttonous that we’ll be getting another album on top of the music in Endless after so long a wait, but if it’s true, we won’t complain.

Honestly, it only seems right that immediately after getting new Frank Ocean music, we’re once again waiting for more. It seems the universe must always be in a constant state of Frank Ocean anticipation.

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