Mastodon Showed Up as Wights in Last Night’s Game of Thrones

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Mastodon Showed Up as Wights in Last Night’s Game of Thrones

Oh boy, a lot sure happened in that Game of Thrones finale (spoilers ahead, obviously). Things got hot and heavy between Jon and Daenerys on a boat, Littlefinger got offed, Jon and Dany became intimate on a boat, Cersei and Daenerys accepted a truce and Jon and Dany had intercourse on a boat. But the most significant development by far (besides the boat sex) was The Wall coming down at the end of the episode, at the hands of the sinister Night King and his newly-resurrected dragon Viserion. During that sequence, you might have missed another musician cameo.

No, it wasn’t Ed Sheeran again—for all we know, he could have been burnt alive during the Loot Train Attack of episode 4. Instead, it was heavy metal band Mastodon who appeared as undead wights. And believe it or not, this is actually a sort-of reprisal for the members of this band. In the season 5 episode “Hardhome,” known GoT nuts Bill Kelliher, Brent Hinds and Brann Dailor of Mastodon appeared as Wildling extras. As the Wildling casualty rate was high in that episode, it is entirely plausible that these zombies are the same Wildlings we saw two seasons ago.

Along with making two appearances in the high fantasy show, Mastodon also made a contribution to the Catch of Throne, Vol. 2 mixtape from HBO titled “White Walker.” Along with Mastodon and the aforementioned Sheeran, multiple musicians have cameoed in the popular series, including members of Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men and Sigur Rós.

Mastodon will release a new EP entitled Cold Dark Place on Sept. 22. Meanwhile, HBO has yet to set a premiere date for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. Check out our review of the season 7 finale here.

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