Girl Ray Share “Love Is Enough”

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Girl Ray Share “Love Is Enough”

Later this summer, London trio Girl Ray will unveil their third album, Prestige. The latest single from the project, “Love Is Enough,” is a dazzling, post-disco pop gem. It follows “Up,” “Hold Tight” and “Everybody’s Saying That” and parallels the jubilee with such an undeniable flair you won’t be able to withstand the pure dance ecstasy it exudes. Lead singer Poppy Hankin’s vocals practically float out of the speakers, and bassist Sophie Moss’ bass licks are ridiculously soulful and groovy. “Love Is Enough” comes with an accompanying video directed by Alex Cantouris.

Moss says of the video: “The concept for the video first came from wanting to look like city finance bros. The kind of people that tear through six Elfbar vapes in a day and passive aggressively tell our assistants over the phone to make sure the cappuccino was hot by the time it got to our desks next time. We got up at 3 AM and went to the iconic spot right by the entrance of the Blackwall tunnel to get a view of the skyline. As the shoot went on, we thought maybe we looked like budget spies or the Blues Brothers. By 6 AM a guy in a small vest who looked like he’d been out all night asked if we were in an orchestra.”

Watch the video for “Love Is Enough” here. Prestige is out August 4 via Moshi Moshi.

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