Watch Gone Is Gone’s New Video for “Stolen From Me”

Music Video Gone Is Gone
Watch Gone Is Gone’s New Video for “Stolen From Me”

Less than a month before the release of their first work, experimental metal supergroup Gone Is Gone have revealed a new video for the song “Stolen From Me.”

The band appears as dark silhouettes against a yellow-tinged background. For three minutes. And that’s it. That’s the video. The visuals are simple, very simple.

The song has to work double-time to compensate for the lack of an engaging visual aesthetic. “Stolen From Me” is a heavy number driven by a pulsing bass and furious drumming.

Gone Is Gone formed when At the Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar and composer Mike Zarin teamed up to write music for movie trailers, but they discovered that their sound merited a real band. Mastodon singer Troy Sanders joined the group as a vocalist, and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen enlisted to complete the lineup.

The band’s self-titled EP comes out July 8. Find its advance tracks here.

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