Hinds Shares a Jean-Luc Godard-style Video for “Garden”

Music Video Hinds
Hinds Shares a Jean-Luc Godard-style Video for “Garden”

Ooh, la la!

Former Best of What’s Next band Hinds just dropped the Pedro Martin-Calero-directed music video for “Garden”, and it’s a ‘60s inspired, French New Wave tribute much in the vein of famed director Jean-Luc Godard. This is the first time Hinds has been allowed to pick their own director.

”….It was an honour when Pedro Martin-Calero said yes,” the band said. “He is a genius and we did everything he wanted—except for the chicken, that was a thing we begged for…”

If you notice in the credits at the end of the film, apparently the chicken was not harmed and is doing well, living in a cavern with Martin-Calero.

The band said that “Garden” is their favorite song. It will be feature on their upcoming album, Leave Me Alone, which comes out Jan. 8 from Mom + Pop Records.

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