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Ahh, Instagram, the app that changed all of us from really crappy photographers to crappy photographers with the help of a few filters. See these strawberry-banana pancakes I’m eating? They look pretty boring, right?


After you throw a “Sierra” filter on that, it’s art. Got a new pair of designer jeans? Stand in front of a mirror and snap that selfie. 32 likes? Now you’re a model.

All kidding aside, Instagram is great. Pictures are always fun, especially with vintage filters to make you and your friends at Coachella look even cooler. Here are 15 musicians on Instagram who will improve your feed.

15. Frank Ocean (@francistenenbaum)
This guy is one of the best selfie takers out there. Here he is at the Met Ball schooling kids in How To Wear a Tux 101 and How to Look Like a Badass While Doing It.

14. The Civil Wars (@thecivilwars)
Behind-the-scenes shots from the studio, concerts and even major album details are all featured on the Civil Wars’ account. There’s no reason not to be following this folk duo.

13. Foo Fighters (@foofighters)
Want to know what it’s like being a rock star? Follow the Foo Fighters across the whole globe from Venice to the Sundance Film Festival.

12. Questlove (@questlove)
The leader of the legendary Roots crew is one of the best musicians on any social media platform. On his Instagram, he shows behind-the-scenes shots of his high-profile DJ gigs and his daytime job at Late Night.

11. Pearl Jam (@pearljamofficial)
Pearl Jam’s account gives really cool shots from their shows as well as quotes, setlists and insight from members of the band. They even celebrate the past by partaking in #throwbackthursday

10. Bon Iver (@boniver)
Bon Iver has been a must-follow on Instagram since the app was developed. The photos of their crowds night in and night out are incredible. You’ll get the occasional “dudes chillin’ with beer” picture, too.

9. The Lumineers (@thelumineers)
From insane crowds at this year’s Bonnaroo to intimate performances for a few hundred fans, you’ll want to be following The Lumineers’ every move. They’re headed for big things.

8. The Head and the Heart (@headandtheheart)
These Seattle natives have been everywhere. Catch glimpses of their tours around the world from Red Rocks to Sweden. They even got to hang out with Snoop Lion.

7. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend (@arze)
The caption to the picture on the left here is “Lord Selfie III aka Pope Vanitas aka Selvedge Denim. U r now watching the throne/ don’t let me get on my phone.” Enough said.

6. NEEDTOBREATHE (@needtobreathe)
These dudes rock just about as hard as anyone out there. And they’ve got a great sense of humor. Perfect for social media.

5. Tyler The Creator (@feliciathegoat)
This might be one of the few accounts where the captions are actually better than the photos (the one on the right is “HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY COOL ASS DAD”). As usual, Odd Future’s ringleader is angry, cruel and just plain hysterical. And no, we don’t understand the username either.

4. Jared and Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon (@jaredfollowill, @ivannathaniel)
Technically these are two accounts, but we couldn’t resist the brothers from Kings. With these guys, you get the musician Instagram essentials: the band, beers and babies.

3. Bruce Springsteen (@springsteenn)
Bruce doesn’t snap the pics himself, but his team finds the best shots from concerts with the Stones, Bon Jovi and posts flashbacks from as early as 1973.

2. Albert Hammond, Jr. of The Strokes (@alberhammondjr)
A perfectly placed, hipster-style American flag in a recording session. Cute dogs. These are the things Instagram was made for. He claims the photo on the right is his “school photo ‘97.”

1. Butch Walker (@butchwalker)
This guy is one of very few people we can accept when he “humble brags.” With his account, it’s all vintage motorcycles, trucks and guitars that he’s accumulated over the years. Get ready for all of that and adorable play dates with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and their kids.

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