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International Submarine Band

Why would anybody need a reissue of ISB’s lone album when six of the ten tracks, including the outtake “Knee Deep in the Blues,” can be found on Rhino’s definitive The Gram Parsons Anthology? If you have to ask, you’re obviously not in the Cult of Gram, which makes up for in fervor what it lacks in size. Safe at Home may be merely a rough draft of Parsons’ “Cosmic American Music” concept—which he’d bring to life with The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and on his own—but it has the wide-eyed exuberance of an unexpected first kiss. Sundazed, headed by remastering guru Bob Irwin, has nailed it yet again, restoring the original artwork and adding notes by Parsons biographer Sid Griffin. Let’s hope Gram’s Burritos and solo LPs receive similar treatment.

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