Jack White Reveals Insane “Ultra” Lazaretto LP

Music Video Jack White
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Jack White and Third Man Records are no strangers to creating unique works of art in honor of White’s albums—just look at The World’s Fastest Record, recorded for Record Store Day 2014 at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tenn. But today the artist dropped a new video showing off all the hidden features that the Lazaretto Ultra LP will contain.

Most of the hidden bells and whistles within the LP are features that no other vinyl record—at least at the estimation of White and Third man—has contained before. The CD and digital formats of Lazaretto will have a different tracking order than the LP, and the LP will have some mixes that will vary from the CD and digital versions. Both Side A & Side B will end with locked grooves, making the last rotation of the track continue as long as you want.

The record will also contain hidden tracks that are concealed underneath the center labels. The hidden tracks will play at either 78 rpm or 45 rpm, while the rest of the record plays at 33 rpm—which clears all three record speeds and essentially turns the album into the Swiss Army Knife of LPs. Side A of the record will play from the center of the record to the outside and contain a shiny finish, while Side B plays like a vinyl record normally would and has a matted finish.

White also recorded two different intros for the single “Just One Drink.” One is acoustic, the other is electric and will be found in two separate grooves on Side B of the record. The grooves eventually merge into one groove for the remainder of the song.

And a very impressive finish comes from Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science, who designed a hologram of an angel and hand-etched two of them into each ultra LP onto the dead wax area on Side A. It’s still unclear whether the album can do your 2014 taxes, tutor your children, proofread your letters or mow your lawn. We’ll get back to you after we’ve played with it a little.

Jack White’s Lazaretto Ultra LP is available for pre-order now and is set for a June 10 release date through Third Man Records. You can see Jack White on tour in North America this summer.