Jordana Shares New Single “Forgetter” with Animated Video

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Jordana Shares New Single “Forgetter” with Animated Video

Jordana has shared her final song before the release of her new EP Something To Say, out this Friday (July 31) via Grand Jury Music. Her new track “Forgetter,” which comes with a new animated video directed by Tess Lafia and animated by Lily Lin, follows her previously-released EP selections “Big” and “I’ll Take It Boring.” This new EP is the first of a two-part EP series, with her follow-up To You arriving in the fall. Jordana released her self-produced debut album Classical Notions of Happiness in 2019, before it was re-released and expanded by Grand Jury Music earlier this year.

While “I’ll Take It Boring” was twinkling and tender, and “Big” was blown out and playful, “Forgetter” is contemplative and good-natured. It sees the singer/songwriter taking stock of her relationships, finding the ability to be patient with her insecurities and temporarily escape them. With its smooth production and bittersweet nature, Jordana elevates the song to something effortlessly touching with her graceful vocal inflection.

“‘Forgetter’ is a song about self reflection,” Jordana says. “It’s about the times I’ve let people down in relationships and the unhealthy ways I’ve coped with my own shortcomings.”

Watch the video for “Forgetter” below, and preorder her Something To Say EP here.

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