EXCLUSIVE: JOSEPH Unveil New Single “Fireworks”

The indie pop trio's new album The Sun arrives April 28 via ATO Records

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EXCLUSIVE: JOSEPH Unveil New Single “Fireworks”

With their terrific new album The Sun mere hours away, indie pop trio JOSEPH—Allison, Natalie and Meegan Closner—have one final teaser to unveil before release day. Following lead singles “Nervous System” and “The Sun,” “Fireworks” finds the Portland, Oregon natives firing on all cylinders in a whirlwind of feel-good, earthy pop. “What if I’m wrong to think there’s more to this story? / My heart pounds and they know me / Am I headstrong or foolish every night / Waiting for lightning to strike?” Allison sings.

As is the case with the rest of The Sun, the Closner sisters find themselves doing a lot of reflecting, this time through an arena-sized offering of gorgeous textures and storytelling. On “Fireworks,” they work through the expectations of settling down after years spent on the road, chasing the dream. At its core, “Fireworks” is top-tier singer/songwriter architecture infused with chart-topping bliss, as JOSEPH meditates on the expectations of success in thoughtful ways that fight against self-doubt.

“[‘Fireworks’] was inspired after my sisters and I binged the UK version of Love Island Season 6. Everyone is walking around in bathing suits and falling in love—it’s perfect. I was fascinated by how many times ‘What’s your type?’ was asked, only to have the response be ‘tall, dark, and handsome.’ I would think, ‘Why isn’t anyone saying “fireworks”?’ There’s a line in the song, ‘I don’t want to just settle now, put my fire underground’, and to me it symbolizes wanting to feel like that fire is being fed by something deep and meaningful—not settling for anything less than FIREWORKS,” Allison says.

Speaking about their album The Sun, Allison continues: “As Closners and as women—or maybe even just as humans—it can be very hard to tell someone that something isn’t working for you. But this album was a unique experience, because we learned to step up and stand our ground and speak our truth when we needed to.” Meegan echoes similar feelings, emphasizing the trio hopes that listeners pull strength from the songs. “I want people to feel empowered,” she adds. ”I want them to recognize the power with themselves, and to know that they’re good—that they’re more than they think they are.”

Watch the Justin Frick-directed music video for “Fireworks” below.

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