Josh Homme’s Children Request Restraining Order Against Him, Are Denied

Homme's attorney tells Paste the allegations are "categorically false," while two judges have now denied the request

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Josh Homme’s Children Request Restraining Order Against Him, Are Denied

[Content warning: Contains accounts of physical and verbal abuse.]

Update, 1:25 p.m. ET: Josh Homme’s attorney Susan Wiesner denies the allegations against him in a statement, telling Paste, “The allegations made by Ms. [Brody] Dalle against Mr. Homme are categorically false. In order to protect the children, we will not be making any further statements.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Dalle’s request for a restraining order on behalf of her sons has now been denied by judges in both downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica courts.

Original Story: Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme’s sons Orrin, 10, and Wolf, 5, have filed a restraining order against him through their mother, Brody Dalle, accusing the musician of physical and verbal abuse, and requesting that Homme stay 100 yards away from them at all times.

The filing, obtained by TMZ, alleges that the “scary” Homme drinks alcohol while driving Orrin and Wolf, yells and swears at Dalle and threatens to murder her boyfriend, and physically abuses their sons by flicking and grabbing their necks and ears. Orrin seems to be a frequent target of this alleged abuse, accusing Homme of abusing him not only verbally by calling him fat, but also physically by hitting him in the head, poking his chest, throwing things at him and, in one recent incident, grabbing his genitals. Wolf says he’s afraid to go to Homme’s house.

Homme denies the claims through his attorney Susan Wiesner, who tells TMZ, “Ms. Dalle has previously brought these claims to the police, DCFS, and the presiding judge of the family law court, all of whom have declined to take any action based upon these spurious claims.”

Homme and Dalle legally separated in November 2019, divorcing one month later. Each has filed restraining orders against the other.

This isn’t the first time Homme’s behavior has generated disturbing headlines. The musician kicked a concert photographer in the face in 2017, initially claiming it had been an accident before accepting responsibility, saying in his apology, “I’m gonna have to figure out some stuff, I think. Because rock ’n’ roll’s a wonderful thing. It’s supposed to save and help people, not mess ‘em up.”

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