JPEGMAFIA Samples Mariah Carey on New Track “living single”

JPEGMAFIA Samples Mariah Carey on New Track “living single”

JPEGMAFIA has kept us fed during quarantine. The Baltimore-based rapper, also known as Peggy, has been releasing a steady stream of singles over the course of the year, starting with “BALD” back in February and, prior to today, most recently with “THE BENDS!” in June. Yesterday, Peggy released the most recent of his quarantine projects, “living single.” The track, an odd yet delightful mixture of bubblegum pop and Peggy’s trademark noise-rap, interpolates Mariah Carey’s 1995 hit “Always Be My Baby,” Peggy softly singing the hook with the help of heavy autotune. Accompanied by electronic noises and a sparkling beat, the 100 gecs-esque track may be one of Peggy’s most pop-influenced releases to date.

Like prior singles, “living single” was also accompanied by a self-directed video featuring the rapper smoking and wandering around a city at night. Peggy has once again turned the mundane into the sublime in the way only he can.

Watch the video for “living single” below:

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