Kanye West Met with Donald Trump

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Kanye West met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City this morning. Per CNN, Trump transition spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed that West had requested the 15-minute meeting.

Trump told reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower that West is a “good man” with whom he’s been “friends for a long time.” When asked what they were discussing, Trump simply replied, “Life. We were discussing life.”

West declined to answer questions about the details of the meeting, whether he would perform at Trump’s inauguration, and whether he wishes he had voted for Trump, instead simply saying with a smile, “I just wanted to take a picture right now.”

“So long, man. You take care of yourself, I’ll see you soon,” Trump told West, which is actually sound advice.

West praised Trump a few weeks ago at a concert, saying he wished he had voted for him. The rapper was later forced to cancel his tour, then hospitalized and treated for temporary psychosis brought on by stress and exhaustion. He was released on Nov. 30.

With everything that has happened in 2016, this somehow seems perfectly normal.

Find Twitter videos of the meeting’s before and after via CSPAN below.

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