Watch Kate Bush’s Disconcertingly Realistic New Video for Her 1985 Classic “And Dream of Sheep”

Music Video Kate Bush
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Kate Bush just took artistic dedication to a new level. She recorded most of her forthcoming live album Before the Dawn at a series of concerts in London, but decided to take a different approach for a visual accompanying her 1985 classic “And Dream of Sheep.” The song is about a person stranded in the ocean, so she recorded and filmed herself singing it inside of a water tank for hours on end … and in the process, contracted hypothermia.

“Everyone agreed it had added to the authenticity of the performance,” reads a note on Bush’s website. Well, good, then.

It really is a moving video; watch it above, keeping in mind when you see Bush’s gray face that she’s fully recovered now. Look out for the massive three-disc album Before the Dawn when it’s released on Nov. 25.