Watch Larkin Poe Perform Live at Paste

The Southern sisters mix traditional blues covers with rock originals on Peach.

Music Video Larkin Poe
Watch Larkin Poe Perform Live at Paste

Larkin Poe—the Southern duo comprising sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell—were busy writing an album of all original material when things took a turn: They started recording and posting traditional blues covers on various social-media outlets, and the songs unexpectedly took off. Millions of views and 100,000 friends later, a growing demand surfaced for an album of traditional American roots music. So the sisters returned to the studio and recorded Peach, a collection divided between blues covers and original material that leans heavily toward their rootsy musical heritage. The covers show reverence for the history they’re tapping, but with their own imprint showing a clear ownership of the revised material. Slide-guitars slither through soulful takes on Robert Johnson’s “Come On in My Kitchen” and Son Houses’s “Preachin’ Blues,” while originals like “Pink & Red” and “Look Away” balance the collection with a sinister rock edge, singalong choruses and programmed rhythms.

Watch Larkin Poe perform three songs from Peach and one older song LIVE at Paste Studio.

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