Lil Wayne’s Joint Tour With Blink-182 Isn’t As Great As He Thought it Would Be

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Lil Wayne’s Joint Tour With Blink-182 Isn’t As Great As He Thought it Would Be

Poor Lil Wayne.

It’s already strange enough to announce a three month-long co-headlining tour with Blink-182, but it’s even worse when you come to the conclusion that the crowd is not quite your “swag” not even halfway through the 38-date behemoth.

Halfway through his set at a stop in Bristow, Virginia, the rapper stopped mid-song to apologize to an apparently disinterested crowd and note he may prematurely leave the tour.

“Please forgive me, but I am so not used to performing to a crowd where there’s not too many, you know—like still, that’s not my swag, I’m not sure how long I’m gonna be able to do this tour,” Wayne announced to the crowd at the show. “But make some noise for Blink-182 for including me anyway. This might be my last night, though. Let’s go!”

According to an audience member, there were only 7,000 people out of the venue’s 25,000 capacity in attendance, but apparent poor weather conditions might have attributed to the small turnout.

At least he’s a good sport about it, but it looks like his co-headliners aren’t too happy about the decision to leave the tour 11 dates in:

We can’t say that we’re surprised that the tour is fizzling out so soon—the combination of Blink-182, Neck Deep and Lil Wayne was already a weird-as-hell toxic cocktail to begin with. We’ll leave you with this tweet that sums up the situation quite nicely:

Check out Lil Wayne’s statement below and some impassioned reactions from concertgoers in attendance.

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