Watch Lomelda Debut a Brand New Song, “Hannah”

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Watch Lomelda Debut a Brand New Song, “Hannah”

Texas singer-songwriter Hannah Read is the creative force at the heart of lo-fi folk project Lomelda, who released their third album Thx last year.

Read and her bandmate Andrew joined us in the Paste Studio in New York on Tuesday for a three-song session. Their first two tracks were off of Thx, but they saved the last slot to debut a brand new song, “Hannah.” Andrew Stevens, who plays guitar with Read, sits this song out, letting Read handle it on her own.

“Hannah” features clear vocals over reverbed and distorted guitar chords. The track plays with the idea of distance that Lomelda introduced with Thx: Read sings, “I sent you the sun / from my hometown / in Chicago / and Atlanta.” The song is reflective about the ties between distance, emotions and relationships, as well as vulnerable and apologetic, with lyrics like “didn’t know how to be closer to you,” and “Hannah, do no harm.”

Read introduces the new song by saying, “I played it on a whim a couple times in front of some small crowds and I recorded it and sent it to my dad and some girls, but that’s it.”

Lomelda is on the road through the rest of June and will be joining Frankie Cosmos and Stef Chura on tour in July. Watch the performance of “Hannah” and the full Lomelda set below.

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