Lorenzo Senni Announces LP Scacco Matto, Shares New Single “Discipline of Enthusiasm”

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Lorenzo Senni Announces LP Scacco Matto, Shares New Single “Discipline of Enthusiasm”

Italian producer Lorenzo Senni shared news of his first album via WARP on Tuesday. The album, titled Scacco Matto, translates to “check mate,” according to Senni. He says, “There’s a constant ‘opponent’ within the tracks—like I was playing a chess game with myself. I was really trying to bring the music to a certain place and then switch advantageously to another approach. I wanted to see how far I could push the ideas I’ve been developing since ‘Quantum Jelly’ and in order to do that, I needed to force self-imposed limits and rules.”

Along with the announcement, Senni shared the album’s first single titled “Discipline of Enthusiasm.” The track sees him return to the combative ‘90s trance-meets-techno sounds of his 2016 EP Persona, a hyperactive and exacting use of laser-sharp synths and hard beats. Senni has often referred to his style as “pointilistic.” It’s easy to see why on “Discipline of Enthusiasm.”

You can check out information about the album below, including the cover art shot by American photographer John Divola. Scacco Matto is out on WARP April 24.

Scacco Matto Album Art:


Scacco Matto Tracklist:
01. Discipline of Enthusiasm
02. XBreakingEdgeX
03. Move in Silence (Only Speak When It’s Time to Say Checkmate)
04. Canone Infinito
05. Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow
06. The Power of Failing
07. Wasting Time Writing Lorenzo Senni Songs

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