Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden Announce Debut Album as Lost Girls

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Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden Announce Debut Album as Lost Girls

After 10 years of working together, Norwegian duo Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden have announced that their joint project, Lost Girls, will be releasing their debut album. Menneskekollektivet arrives March 26 via Smalltown Supersound, and the album’s title track arrived Tuesday.

“Menneskekollektivet” translates from Norwegian into “human collective.” The song itself is a 12-minute collection of experimental sound, meandering between improvised spoken word, club beats and exploratory synths. Volden’s guitar works in tandem with Hval’s vocals, ebbing and flowing in intensity throughout the song’s journey.

Hval said of the duo’s Menneskekollektivet title track:

The song started out with some synth chords Håvard played. I felt they sounded like the beginning of the world, or a world, so I wanted to improvise words to them that somehow expressed a beginning of a world. They don’t make sense like a written lyric should, but they are trying to make sense of something, a moment, a slow transition. On this track, the voice, and the music too, slowly makes its way from alone to together.

Listen to “Menneskekollektivet” below, and keep scrolling for the album artwork and tracklist. Pre-order Menneskekollektivet here.

Menneskekollektivet Album Artwork:

Lost Girls-Menneskekollektivet.jpg

Menneskekollektivet Tracklist:
1. Menneskekollektivet
2. Losing Something
3. Carried by Invisible Bodies
4. Love, Lovers
5. Real Life

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