How well does M. Ward know Zooey Deschanel?

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Singer/songwriter and producer M. Ward spent a lot of time with actress/musician Zooey Deschanel (Almost Famous, All the Real Girls, Elf) while working on Volume One, the first record from their delightful new project, She & Him. Let’s see how well he really knows her:

Who inspired this record for you?
What she said: Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, Neil Young, Tammy Wynette, The Carter Family.
What he guessed she’d say: Brian Wilson, Darlene Love, George Jones.

Describe the album in a word:
ZD: Sweet.
MW: Real.

How did the first performance at Sundance go?
ZD: Chaotic but fun. We had to rehearse in the hallway.
MW: Noisy.

Favorite memory from the recording sessions?
ZD: This violin player named Tom came in, and both Matt and I were by the controls, and Tom played the most beautiful part.
MW: Adding strings to a song called “Take It Back.”

Favorite M. Ward song?
ZD: I’ll go with the first one I heard, “Vincent O’Brien.”
MW: I know the first record she heard was Transfiguration of Vincent, so something off that.

Favorite actor/singer?
ZD: Judy Garland.
MW: Not Cher.

Favorite thing about Matt?
ZD: His improvisational spirit.
MW: I can’t answer this!

Biggest weakness?
ZD: I’m lacking in time-management skills.
MW: I’ve heard it’s frozen yogurt.

Hidden talent?
ZD: Mouth trumpet.
MW: Ukulele.

Favorite kind of salad to make?
ZD: A Whole Foods chicken salad.
MW: A Whole Foods chicken salad.

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