Madeline Kenney Announces New Album A New Reality Mind

Lead single "Superficial Conversation" is out now, album arrives July 28 via Carpark Records

Music News Madeline Kenney
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Oakland singer/songwriter Madeline Kenney is putting out her first new album in three years. On July 28, Kenney’s follow-up to 2020’s Sucker’s Lunch, A New Reality Mind will arrive via Carpark Records. Lead single “Superficial Conversation” is an airy, ethereal and stringy moment of bliss. Not exactly a detour from her typical work, “Superficial Conversation” conjures ornamental, wayward textures and tones. It’s synthy and sharp; full of love and unhinged from the confines of indie rock. Kenney sings of personal reflection and a new door opening: “That way of living, I’m over it / I do not need to be reminded of what I did / That way of living, I’m over it / I do not need your supervision anymore.”

Kenney says of the track: “‘Superficial Conversation’ is my way of looking back at the ways I shrunk myself or ignored my own needs in favor of the needs and desires of others. While I wish I had acted differently, I want to be kind and forgiving to my past self and be able to grow and move forward with more power and love.”

Listen to “Superficial Conversation” and check out the A New Reality Mind tracklist and album artwork below.

A New Reality Mind Artwork:

A New Reality Mind Tracklist:
Plain Boring Disaster
Superficial Conversation
Reality Mind
I Drew A Line
It Carries On
Red Emotion
The Same Again
Leaves Me Dry