Maria BC Announces New Album Spike Field, Signing With Sacred Bones

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Maria BC Announces New Album Spike Field, Signing With Sacred Bones

Maria BC’s debut album, Hyaline, was an absolute delight of a first chapter. The Oakland-based project quickly arrived and established themselves as an experimental folk force. Now, Maria BC is returning with Spike Field, their first offering as a part of Sacred Bones’ roster. Inspired and titled after the granite thorns scattered around nuclear waste sites, Maria BC dares to begin this new chapter of their artistry with a harrowing first look. They’ve also ushered in two singles to catalyze the project: “Amber” and “Watcher.”

“Amber” is a spectral acoustic tracks that employs a tinge of foreboding darkness with propulsive, moving sorrow. On the flipside, “Watcher” is a choral, enchanting display that features singing from two of Maria BC’s childhood friends. In a press release, they note that “Watcher” is “about confronting other people’s pain and figuring out how best to show up for them.” Recorded on an out-of-tune baby Steinway and fixating on their own classically trained vocal set, Maria BC is ready to break out and deliver one of the most striking albums of 2023.

Listen to “Amber” and “Watcher” and check out the album artwork and tracklist for Spike Field below.

Spike Field Artwork:

Spike Field Tracklist:
[ A Backlit Door ]
Return To Sender
Tire Iron
Tied (feat. Issei Herr)
Spike Field

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