MGMT Release Trippy New Track, “Hand It Over”

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MGMT Release Trippy New Track, “Hand It Over”

American psych-pop duo MGMT have returned with another new track, “Hand It Over,” from their forthcoming fourth studio album, Little Dark Age. However, the release date and tracklisting for the band’s forthcoming LP are still unknown.

This new single follows the release of two other new tracks, “When You Die” and “Little Dark Age”, and it’s the mellowest track of the bunch so far.

“Hand It Over” features airy, Beach Boys-esque vocals and cosmic, wandering synths as the track washes over you like a wave of trippy, ‘60s psychedelia. The downtempo track has an overwhelming sense of melancholy and gloom, but the magnificent keyboards and harmonious backing vocals dramatically lift its spirits.

Check out the lyric video for “Hand It Over” below, plus an MGMT performance from the Paste Cloud.

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