Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

Paste Studio NYC (New York, NY), 03/07/2016

Music Video Miike Snow

Miike Snow has been making the people dance for about eight years, and now they’ve come to ensure that everyone in the Paste Studio gets loose AF. For real though, since the debut of their breakout single “Animal” in early 2009, the Swedish indie pop act has released a string of critically acclaimed records while managing to not give into many of the musical temptations that typically affect artists who find success inside the genre. How many bands can you think of who use as much synth as Miike Snow, get as popular as Miike Snow and then actively reject the use of a laptop on stage? The answer is, not many.

It’s a small gesture, but that kind of commitment to a more organic vibration is one of the things that makes the band such a joy to watch and listen to. Seriously, members of the group have a truly diverse set of accomplishments underneath their belts. That means everything from touring with the Fugees circa ‘96-’97, to having their music in a Budweiser ad, to two thirds of the trio winning a Grammy for producing Britney Spears’ 2004 hit “Toxic.” Perhaps that’s why they’re this powerfully universal band; they keep good songwriting at their core, while scratching at the edges and shamelessly testing out the entirety of the musical spectrum.

Enjoy the session here!

—Raz Robinson

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