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Milo Greene: Milo Greene

Milo Greene is the kind of publicist young bands are lucky to have. He books regular shows for his clients, sends out countless emails and makes the right connections with the right people.

He’s also not real.

If you’re looking for Milo Greene, singular, you won’t find him. That’s because he’s the collective brainchild of Andrew Heringer and Robbie Arnett, two friends and aspiring musicians that once crafted the fake publicist to jettison their musical efforts. But if you’re looking for Milo Greene, plural, you’re in for a surprise. A fantastic fivesome from L.A., the indie rock musical collective has already gotten the attention of publications like Esquire, who named the band one of their top artists to watch in 2012. It’s an accolade well earned, as their self-titled debut quickly proves.

Milo Greene hits the ground running with “What’s the Matter,” a powerful, harmony-driven song that sweeps along with hauntingly beautiful vocals. Like much of the album, its sound is ethereal, with several singers on each track. The album truly is a collective piece, with Arnett, Heringer, Marlana Sheetz, Graham Fink and Curtis Marrero all bringing their best to the table.

There’s hardly a bad track on the album, but certain songs have an undeniable charm about them. “1957” has all the elements of a great single. It instantly catches you with upbeat guitar and perfectly blended vocals, getting stuck in your head for days. Sheetz steals much of the show with her dulcet tones, especially on tracks such as “Son My Son” and “Perfectly Aligned.” Not a single note feels misplaced; rather, each feels perfectly planned and executed.

It’s difficult to truly find fault with the album, but Milo Greene does carry a similar tone throughout. For some, this may be the album’s breaking point. There’s a fine line between cohesive and repetitive, and repeated listenings can result in a fall to either side.

Milo Greene is an album that was built to last. It carries not even a single hint of pretention, a surprising turn for a collection so elegant and timeless. It’s a debut that not only makes a name for itself, but begs to be played over and over until its sweet tones are continually ringing in your ears.

And they should—after all, Milo Greene is a name that will soon be ringing in the ears of everyone.

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